Monday, August 16, 2010

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Price Waicukauski & Riley, LLC offers more than 100 years of litigation experience in state and federal courts throughout Indiana and across the nation.  While our office is in Indianapolis, Indiana, our firm focuses on representing plaintiffs in complex cases throughout Indiana and nationwide.   Our practice areas include:
Hourly, contingent and combination fee arrangements are available to suit individual client needs.  Unlike many law firms, we offer real alternatives to the traditional billable hour for clients invlovled in business disputes.

Lemon Law firm reports BMW fuel pump failure problems rising

Kimmel and Silverman, a lemon law firm in the Northeast, says that the fuel pump issue with BMW vehicles is on the rise. The law firm reports it has successfully resolved numerous lemon law and breach of warranty claims dealing with this BMW fuel pump issue for both refunds and significant cash recoveries. The firm has seen this problem with 1-series, 3-series and 5-series vehicles.

The Lemon Law firm indicates that BMW is working to correct the problem and has extended the warranty on the fuel pump to 10 years/120,000 miles. In the meantime, some BMW drivers are dealing with multiple repairs for the same problem. Fuel pump failure can lead to stalling so it is essential that shops continue to monitor the problem on vehicles they service.

To assist your customers and prevent problems on your end, make sure that all clients receive invoices for service done to their vehicles. These invoices should specifically identify the problem the consumer is complaining of, the amount of the days that the car was in service, a detailed explanation on how the problem was fixed and a list of all the components replaced in the vehicle.

Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you have been charged with either a felony or misdemeanor, you need a proven criminal defense lawyer to inform you of your rights and fight to protect them in court. At The Law Office of Shahin Zamir, our attorneys have experience serving as advocates for our clients in criminal defense cases like yours.  Our firm has successfully handled thousands of criminal cases.

Our criminal defense attorneys know what the court is looking for, and we know what tricks prosecutors have up their sleeves to try to make your charges stick.  You can rest assured that we will come prepared and ready to fight, if needed.

Houston Criminal Attorney Shahin Zamir was a previous assistant district attorney who understands the factors important in deciding whether probation, deferred adjudication, or dismissal are viable options and will prepare his client after all other available defenses have been exhausted.

Practice Areas

DWI / DUI Defense
Drug Crimes
Assault/Aggravated Assault
Domestic Violence/Assault Family Member
Theft Crimes
Probation Violation

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